A project I worked on in my roll with the Army Corps of Engineers received a citation.  My roll was to oversee the sustainability portion of the project as well as providing architectural quality assurance for the design and construction.  As noted in the citation this project was awarded a LEED Gold rating by the USGBC.  The last three photos are photos I took, the first are the award announcement.

25th and Ogden

Here are several renderings done in ArchiCAD for a project I worked on with Ridgeline Design Architects.  Ridgeline is a little architecture firm I’ve had for about nine years now.  With my new work with SWS Consulting I think I’m done with Ridgeline but I don’t mind sharing some of the things I’ve done with them.

Ogden+25th-3 10-16-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-16-08-02 Ogden+25th-3 10-13-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-03-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-03 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-02 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-01 Ogden+25th-3 9-30-08-02 Ogden+25th-3 9-30-08 Ogden+25th-2-9-20-08-01 Ogden+25th-3 10-17-08-02

























9th East, SLC, UT

A number of years ago we had a developer come to us looking for a redevelopment scheme which would turn an office building into a residential condo development.  We spent a bunch of time designing something for him and as happens, nothing ever came of it.  The sour apples?  No fees either.

I guess I’m sharing this kind of thing so that we get some use out of the energy spent doing the work.  Other than that this was just “practice”.  Like I’ve said before – I practice architecture for a living.  I worked on this project with Ridgeline Design Architects

All about Legos

Because I’m an architect and because I loved Legos as a kid, I just had to share this.  Go Lego or try the Lego Architecture page








I’m not sure what drove me pick architecture as a profession, but at the ripe old age of 16 I decided that’s what I wanted to do.  A lot of years later I still get excited about it and love doing it.  I’ve been practicing (yes I think practicing is the right word) for 33 years now and still feel like I can’t keep up.  There’s so many things I want to do.  I love visualization, the design process, watching as designs become reality and participating in construction.