Electronic Plan Checking

I’ve been aware for years about electronic plan checking in places like Japan.  I’ve only heard rumors that it might happen in the states.  It’s a bit disturbing to me that here in the US where we are supposed to be all that (at the forefront of everything) we still don’t do this.  Here’s an article about how Solibri (NavisWorks on staroids for you Autodesk folks) is making a large investment to try and stimulate some activity with this technology in the North America.

Solibri invest 21 million

Phased Church Meetinghouse

As a part of the work I did for the LDS Church I did a plan for phasing a building.  The building starts out as a small building serving a congregation of about 90 and grows at with the congregation at 130, 170 and 230 ending at a capacity of 300.  This animation was never used, so I guess I’m using it here so maybe somebody will see it.  The building was modeled in Revit and the animation done in Maxon’s Cinema 4D.