25th and Ogden

Here are several renderings done in ArchiCAD for a project I worked on with Ridgeline Design Architects.  Ridgeline is a little architecture firm I’ve had for about nine years now.  With my new work with SWS Consulting I think I’m done with Ridgeline but I don’t mind sharing some of the things I’ve done with them.

Ogden+25th-3 10-16-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-16-08-02 Ogden+25th-3 10-13-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-03-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-04 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-03 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-02 Ogden+25th-3 10-02-08-01 Ogden+25th-3 9-30-08-02 Ogden+25th-3 9-30-08 Ogden+25th-2-9-20-08-01 Ogden+25th-3 10-17-08-02

























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