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25th and Ogden in Ogden

Been messing around in the evening (some people call it working all day, but I like it, so….) with some old projects.  This one 25th and Ogden in Ogden is one I worked on in 2008.  This rendering is a dusk image with lots of artificial lights.  As you can probably guess more lights equals longer render time.

I modeled the street lights in Cinema 4D and imported them for this rendering.  All the other modeling was done in ArchiCAD and the rendering was done in Artlantis.  I’ll be rendering overnight in Maxwell Render (because that takes all night) and will see how that turns out.

25th and Ogden Dusk

Metro Park

Here’s a rendering I did last night of the Metro Park building.  I did this project with Allen-Millo Architects in Salt Lake City.  The project has never been built and I don’t know if it ever will be.  I did this project in my favorite BIM tool – ArchiCAD, and rendered it in Artlantis.  It was a pretty interesting multi-use project with a mix of retail, office and residential spaces and had a green roof which was accessible from the residential units on the top floor of the building.  If memory serves I worked on this in 2006.  I’ll mention also that I rendered this using the Maxwell Render Engine.

Metro Park6-v17-1_Front path_1max



Metro Park Project

Here are some renderings of the project I worked on with another architecture firm in Salt Lake City.  I arranged the pictures from oldest to newest so you get an idea of the development of some of the detail of the model.  This project is a multi-use or mixed use development.  There is a mixture of retail, office and residential uses.  The project has not yet been built even though I last worked on the project in 2005.