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Timber Interior

In my last post I promised interiors.  I’m still working on things, in other words this is a work in progress, here’s an interior.   Sitting at the dinning room table looking across into the kitchen.  The rendering took about 28 hours to render.  There are a lot of lights and glass in this view of the model so calculation time is very long.  Most of the modeling was done in ArchiCAD and the rendering was done in Cinema 4D.

Twilegar-C4D MASTER 2016-04-21 kitchen4ed

Heavy Timber Update

Here’s an update to the heavy timber project I posted a while back.  We are still working on this and I hope to have some interiors soon.  We’ll have to see how things go.  I’m modeling this in ArchiCAD and then doing the final renderings in Cinema 4D.  There’s a few things that are easier for me in C4D.  Like landscape and water and etc.  Somehow all the materials look better also, that could just be me.  Since I’ve been using C4D for a number of years I have a pretty good collection of materials, landscape and all.