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Metro Park

Here’s a rendering I did last night of the Metro Park building.  I did this project with Allen-Millo Architects in Salt Lake City.  The project has never been built and I don’t know if it ever will be.  I did this project in my favorite BIM tool – ArchiCAD, and rendered it in Artlantis.  It was a pretty interesting multi-use project with a mix of retail, office and residential spaces and had a green roof which was accessible from the residential units on the top floor of the building.  If memory serves I worked on this in 2006.  I’ll mention also that I rendered this using the Maxwell Render Engine.

Metro Park6-v17-1_Front path_1max



Bistro 222

Since SWS has closed its doors I’ll post anything related to that here.  It’s still my work after all.  I never got by to take picture of the finished project.  I stopped by while I was in Salt Lake tonight a took a couple of pictures of the finished product so here one.  My new Canon does an awesome job with low light situations.  I shot this hand held at 3200 ISO!  Very little noise – love it.

Bistro 222

Metro Park Project

Here are some renderings of the project I worked on with another architecture firm in Salt Lake City.  I arranged the pictures from oldest to newest so you get an idea of the development of some of the detail of the model.  This project is a multi-use or mixed use development.  There is a mixture of retail, office and residential uses.  The project has not yet been built even though I last worked on the project in 2005.